[If Droids Were Druids] explores a balance between nature and technology through the depiction of Droids in a state of functional decay. These Droids are an homage to the ancient Druids, standing as futuristic spiritual beings that embody the reclamation of one's mind from the sterile and mechanical by the natural magic and possibility of the organic world. I create my work through a mixture of pyrography (wood burned illustration) and painted acrylic accents/backgrounds.

Flangescathe woman with a hand, for a head is an homage to body positivity and having an active mind, Flangesca lives in Miss Mullen's art as a reminder to stay both emotionally and physically connected to the world surrounding. Mullen often uses dreamlike vultures in her pieces as metaphorical "cleaners" - eating away the carrion of the mind, leaving one free to imagine and create, while the wild boar unicorns [ boarnicorns ] represent the ferocity and unrelenting hunger of a wild imagination.

 pyrographic art for the unbridled mind.

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